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NEW Scrapboxes; Brickhouse, Lettuce, Vavoom, Grasshopper, Mink

Make this yarn with Brickhouse Scrapbox. Lincoln locks, mohair, Wensleydale, mercerized cotton and more.  Check Scrapboxes link for full list. Scrapbox Mink $35.50 USDVavoom $35.00 USDGrasshopper $35.00 USDLettuce $35.00 USD

NatalieNEW Scrapboxes; Brickhouse, Lettuce, Vavoom, Grasshopper, Mink
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Espresso Scrapbox

This Scrapbox will be released on August 24th, and it’s beautiful.  This box includes copper Angelina, silk and Merino sliver, locks, and more.

NatalieEspresso Scrapbox
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Little Red

Is she the greatest color?  I love Little Red, who, is a tiny 4 lb Shitzhu.  Even at her tiny frame (with perfect teeth), she’s a chicken killer. Little red has such a strong prey drive, I have to keep my eye on her while my chickens free range.  

NatalieLittle Red
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Wensleydale; Natural Color

Wensleydale never ceases to amaze me.  As most of my friends and followers know, I believe there’s nothing more beautiful than Wensleydale and Teeswater longwools.  Further, most know that I follow the United Kingdom breed standards for Teeswaters; i.e. the body of the animal MUST be white.  What this means?  Wensleydales, (which are allowed to be natural colored) are where …

NatalieWensleydale; Natural Color

Just Moving Forward

I found two new things I love. The first? Sridiava yoga. The Second? Eckhart Tolle. I am a fear based person. I guess growing up in a household with a lot of turmoil really activates a persons senses and makes them in a constant state of “what if” with worry and constant fear. That’s me, until lately. Honestly, a person …

NatalieJust Moving Forward
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The Art of Dyeing

Many may not know, but successful dyeing has so much more to do with simply, “knowing how to dye.”  Different fibers, water, dyes, temperature and EVEN what you wash your fiber in can ALL effect the outcome of your product.  The picture of locks below are  an example of Wensleydale locks I dyed which were to mimic Star Magnolias.  This …

NatalieThe Art of Dyeing
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How Did I Live Without Her?

I don’t know how I ever lived without a working dog.  Actually, now, I don’t know I how lived without 2 working dogs.  My two fully trained Borders are Lacey and Lad. Lacey was purchased from Canines N ewe; Jennifer Clark Ewers in Campo, Ca.  Lad, was purchased from Kim Gibson, Nidderdale Stockdogs, in the United Kingdom.  Both dogs are …

NatalieHow Did I Live Without Her?