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The Art of Dyeing

Many may not know, but successful dyeing has so much more to do with simply, “knowing how to dye.”  Different fibers, water, dyes, temperature and EVEN what you wash your fiber in can ALL effect the outcome of your product.  The picture of locks below are  an example of Wensleydale locks I dyed which were to mimic Star Magnolias.  This more »

NatalieThe Art of Dyeing
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How Did I Live Without Her?

I don’t know how I ever lived without a working dog.  Actually, now, I don’t know I how lived without 2 working dogs.  My two fully trained Borders are Lacey and Lad. Lacey was purchased from Canines N ewe; Jennifer Clark Ewers in Campo, Ca.  Lad, was purchased from Kim Gibson, Nidderdale Stockdogs, in the United Kingdom.  Both dogs are more »

NatalieHow Did I Live Without Her?
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Shear Madness on Nat Geo Wild

Shear Madness may not have another season, but Namaste Farms forges ahead! It’s true, we don’t have a second season, and, while there’s some sadness that we won’t work with the crew again, we’re moving forward and focusing on our new wool shampoo. Don’t be sad, you can watch old episodes on Hulu and Nat Geo Wild will re-run the more »

NatalieShear Madness on Nat Geo Wild
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Copper Patina Scrapbox

Copper Patina is a challenging color to dye, but happens to be a favorite of Namaste Farms Scrapbox purchasers. The box can have many of the following: long locks, silk/merino roving, mohair, exotic wool, silk ribbon, nepps.

NatalieCopper Patina Scrapbox
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Who rescued whom?

These photos were taken by Scott Chebegia for the Huffington Post. This is Wonder-Elle, my rescued Great Pyrenees. I have many rescue dogs that enrich my life and fill my heart each and every day.

NatalieWho rescued whom?