Northern Ireland Scottish Blackface

When you think Scottish Blackface, don’t think American Scottish Blackface, think Northern Ireland! There is regionality to the Scottish Blackface in Northern Ireland and they have an amazingly long staple and a wool fiber which picks up dye amazingly well. Every year when I go to the UK, I make a trip to Northern Ireland on the hunt for this type of Scottish Blackface. All the fleece I have is long and seems to be up to 12 inches and none is under 8-9 inches. This is a joy to dye and it’s wild character and easily handleable fiber type makes it so easy to work with. Northern Ireland’s Scottish Blackface is one of my favorite fibers because of the staple length and strong high micron fiber type. Perfect for warp yarn, or you can use the fibers as plying threads; alternately felt it into an amazing boa or humane pelt. It’s pretty awesome and a favorite among me and my friends. Shipping is included within the US. If you buy and are out of the US, you’ll be invoiced. Please note, PayPal sends confirmation of your payment and your shipping confirmation number; I don’t send anything additionally or keep track of your parcel. If you have questions about the status of your package, please go to your PayPal activity and click on the transaction; your status will be there along with your tracking number. Thank you so much. Below, please find the “add to cart button!” P.S. PayPal can be glitchy with iPads and some other devices and the cart option may not work for you. If you have trouble, please contact me and I’ll invoice you. Natalie

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