Teeswater and Wensleydale Raw Fleeces

Shearling first year Wenselydale and Teeswater raw fleeces from England. They do not coat in England (uncoated fleeces) and the fleeces are representative of the lustre and natural beautiful curling of typical purebred fleeces. There is never hay but you can find occasional bramble, bug, et al… because they live carefree, roaming lifestyles in the beautiful “Dales” of North Yorkshire.  These fleeces have a staple that is about 8 inches with some more, and some less (I try to include even staple when possible). They will dye up amazingly as all Teeswater and Wensleydale does. Please use appropriate pulldown price; Fiberygoodness class attendees receive discount reflected in the menu. 

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NatalieTeeswater and Wensleydale Raw Fleeces

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