Artist Series Scrapbox; Nicole Frost

Ravens Feather

I’m so excited to welcome Nicole Frost to be part of our Artist Series.  I haven’t had an Artist Series Scrapbox in a long time  and this one is a beauty.


“Ravens Feather ” Scrapbox is gorgeous with deep greens, blues, and  blacks.  Pictures can’t do the many nuances justice; be assured, it’s stunning.  Included are longwools such as Teeswater and Wensleydale, and some medium wool, Corriedale. Also included are beads, threads, yarns, silk and Angelina.  These scrapboxes are chock full of fiber and weigh ~6 ounces total (weighed in the bag) and should ship within the week.  Expect amazing fibers that are hand washed, and dyed… because of this, they will retain their sheepyness including occasional grass pieces.  This Artist Series will have a youtube tutorial created by Nicole, and a youtube link will be sent to you by July 30, 2018.  Please make sure your mailbox accepts emails from Mailchimp… and check your spam folder.

Nicole Frost is an artist who dyes, spins, knits, crochets, creates! She has quite a following on Instagram  and you can also check her out on Etsy, as well as youtube!

NatalieArtist Series Scrapbox; Nicole Frost