Pre-order for Extreme tailspinning fleeces both long and extra long staple. These are incredible fleeces with superb handle, structure and length. There are two types of fleece; 1. The extreme tailspinning fleeces are over 12 inches and can be up to about 15 inches. 2. The extra long fleeces are over 8 inches and up to 12-13 inches. 3. The long fleeces are over 7 inches and can be up to 9 inches sometimes more. Please make note that I don’t measure each lock but I try to make sure I don’t put “shorts” in. Fleece growth is different on different areas of the animals body and so staple can vary. This means you’ll get a range of lengths but I really try to make sure you get what you’ve paid for! I usually add more to make up for any length discrepancy.
These are UK fleeces and are first shearling fleeces. These fleeces are lovely and I purchase from the same people each year. Occasionally, the UK fleeces can have more dirt than I’d prefer, if this is the case, you’ll receive 1/4 lb extra. These fibers should ship before July 7th. Normally, I only allow people who are previous customers to pre-order fleece from me. However, I will allow pre-orders from new customers (PLEASE READ POLICIES) if you have a reference from one of my Redding Method students or regular purchasers. For new people, please put the name of the reference in the notes during checkout. Please use appropriate pulldown menu.

Raw Long Fleeces

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