Presale on Fleeces


I’m getting ready to shear lamb and yearling Teeswaters and am opening the presale for the premium fleeces. In addition, I’m presaling extreme tailspinning Teeswater fleeces. If you haven’t purchased from me before please do not purchase either of these options. I give preference to my long time customers and prefer to do presales for people I’m familiar with only.
The lamb and yearling coated regular length Teeswater fleeces will be shipped before August 15th. All will be white unless I have a superior grey fleece and am out of white. I only have a few grey sheep so the chances are minimal this will happen.
As far as the extreme tailspinning fleeces, the staple will be over 11 inches and can be as long as 14 inches. Occasionally these UK fleeces have more dirt than I prefer. If this is the case, you will receive 1/4 lb extra for each lb ordered. These fibers should ship before July 15th.

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NataliePresale on Fleeces