Redding Method Dyeing Intensive; Oak Grove Missouri in MAY!


Join us in Oak Grove, Missouri May 19-20, 2018 for a Redding Method Dyeing Intensive.  Redding Method is becoming the gold standard of protein fiber dyeing.  So, what is it?  Redding Method of Dyeing is a dynamic protein fiber dyeing methodology which combines both the science and artistry needed to create consistency of color.  During this intensive, students will be introduced to the principles, tenets and methodology while dyeing their own pots of raw protein fibers utilizing Nylomine dyes.  RM is a fresh approach to an age old art and students will acquire a broad understanding of technical and complex concepts which few in the fiber arts industry know. Get ready, this two day course is hands on, fast paced, and will leave students with facts and techniques which give benefits far beyond the dye pot.  Below, please find the options for payment. Enrollment is non-refundable but you may transfer it to another person. Transferring is only possible to the same retreat which was initially enrolled in. Payment plan (located at bottom of page) does have an additional fee. Thank you so much for your support. All levels of fiber artists welcome.

Missouri Non refundable-Retreat PAYMENT IN FULL

Foundational Principles
Day 1; a.m.
Lecture: Tenets, how dyes work,
What no one ever taught you about fleece (that ALWAYS MATTERS)
Setting up “Mother of all”
Day 1; p.m.
Technique: Dyeing first “Mother of all” pot
What, When, Why, and Where of Results

Day 2; a.m.
Technique: Layering
So it’s not that easy? EXACTLY!
No Method is solvent without
Methodology and Problem Solving
Day 2; p.m.
1. Technique: Feathering and Overdyeing!
2. Re-cap, questions…

Kelly Cram
35811 Pink Hill Rd
Oak Grove, Missouri 64075

What you need:

All students must bring a 12-18 quart pot (for kettle dyeing).
Students must also bring or rent a butane burner (please see below) with 3 canisters of butane. These are available at Amazon (Iwatani 12,000 BTU). Rentals are 28.00 and include the butane.
Burner rental here:

What is provided:

Snacks and drinks

Payment Plan Missouri

NatalieRedding Method Dyeing Intensive; Oak Grove Missouri in MAY!