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Once a year I receive the most stunning 16 micron Merino/Silk (65/35) top/sliver I’ve ever seen. It is perfect for the new dyer because it is long stapled and very forgiving when dyeing. The most difficult thing when dyeing top or any processed fibers is to control the felting. This fiber is perfect for you and it truly is the highest quality I’ve ever seen. Shipment should be here within the next 7-9 working days and ships the moment it’s in. If you’re in Dye Secrets please purchase this for class 3 where I teach you some innovative and proprietary methods for dyeing this type of fiber. As mentioned, I only purchase this once a year (because the minimum order is so high) so buy early to insure your order can be filled. Sliver/top is 54.00 a lb plus shipping for Redding Method Students. This is available to non-students so please choose appropriate menu option.There is an option to purchase with beautiful coated Coopworth (36.00 a lb) which is the fleece I use for Dye Secrets Class 2.  This Coopworth is to the breed standard, lovely, easy to dye and VERY VERY FORGIVING. I’ve accidentally left it at a rolling boil for 3 hours and it didn’t felt or become damaged. Coopworth ships free with purchase of Merino/Silk top..

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NatalieThe Highest Quality TOP EVER…