Maryland Dyeing Intensive and MORE!

Maryland Dyeing Intensive

Join us for a two day dyeing intensive in Middletown, Maryland! Redding Method rented a 10 bedroom farmhouse so that out of town attendees have the opportunity to stay and get to know us better. It’s rare we get to spend time out of class with students and this is the perfect opportunity. Please join us for a slumber party type atmosphere where we not only get to connect, but you have the opportunity to learn valuable facts and skills related to protein fiber dyeing.

Beyond learning the tenets, techniques, skills and methodology of Redding Method, students will have the opportunity to become true friends during the cocktail hour Friday night and on Saturday night after class during the spin-in. Information and complete details on pricing etc… can be found in this Google Document.  Also, use the appropriate pulldown menu to place a non-refundable deposit for the two day retreat.

Included in retreat price:  Fleece, dyes, sticks, vinegar, containers.

Not Included:  All participants must bring a 12-16 quart pot.  Also, a butane burner of at least 12,000 BTU’s (Iwatani ~38.00 on Amazon) is needed.  In the event you’re flying in and/or don’t want to buy a burner and canisters there are rental burners which come with 3 butane canisters.  The fee for this is 28.00 and will be collected at the time of the retreat.  For more information; contact Kristin.

Pricing for the Weekend.

Dyeing Intensive Sat/Sun only -390.00
(Without Friday night cocktail hour or Sat night Spin in)

Dyeing Intensive Sat/Sun plus – 430.00
(Includes Fri night cocktail hour and Sat Night spin in)

Dyeing Intensive/Shared Room plus – 520.00
(With shared room/main house includes Fri night cocktail hour and Sat Night spin in)

Please choose the appropriate pulldown menu for your deposit amount. If you’d like to pay in full, please use the BUY NOW button below this one!

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