Breedboxes; UK Imported Fleeces; The LAST!


Here is the last of the UK breedboxes I imported this summer.  Unless I go back to the UK, you won’t get another chance at any of them,  so buy while you can.  In each sample, you receive a raw ounce of each breed   Two of the breeds  I only have one fleece of so, if you order late you may have a substitute of  of Hebridean or English Leicester.  Buy early if you want the exact breeds listed below!  Please choose appropriate menu option; Redding Method Students receive discount.  If you purchase both boxes, you save shipping.
The breeds are:

Box 4:  Scottish Greyface,  Grey Bluefaced Leicester, Vlaams Kuddeshaap, AMAZING Black Welsh Mountain

Box 5:  Balwen, Greyface Dartmoor,Blackfaced Highland, Black Wensleydale.


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NatalieBreedboxes; UK Imported Fleeces; The LAST!