FiberyGoodness Materials Sampler Box

It’s almost time to start the Dye course.  Here is an optional purchase of a sampler box. This will give you fibers to use and also show you what I expect of fibers I grow or purchase. Even if you have your own fiber, I will be using these exact fibers and it will take some of the variables out of dyeing and give you a standard to compare your outcome with.  Once again, this is optional and will give you a standard. I did try to make it as affordable as possible but, as all of you know, heavily skirted premium fiber is not inexpensive nor are exotic and easy to work with blends. I’ve included options with (2-16 oz bottles) or without shampoo (with a Fiberygoodness course discount). The shampoo does make dyeing easier because the dye won’t migrate near as much. Free shipping within the US; it’s a great way to save on shipping for the shampoos since there is no additional shipping charge.

The box includes undyed silk, sliver/top and raw fiber:


1/4 lb silk or bfl/silk
1/4 lb Coated Show Quality Corriedale

1/2 lb Finewool/silk/mohair top

1/2 lb Coated Merino

1/2 lb Longwool (Teeswater/Wensleydale)

FIberygoodness Fiberbox

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NatalieFiberyGoodness Materials Sampler Box

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