Fleece sale and De-stash; Maybe The Last!

Join us Sunday for one of the last fibers sales and de-stashes of 2017.  I’ve sheared most all the my lambs and their fleeces will be listed for sale.  In addition to the lamb fleeces, I’ll also post my brokered fleece and UK long locks as well as fiber staples and more.  There will be deals… guaranteed.  To bid, you must go to Namaste Farms FB page starting at 4:30 pm Sunday, Sept. 24th at PDT.  To see the fiber lots, please look for the “new posts” where new fiber is automatically added every 2-3 minutes.  To purchase, you post the amount you’d like and then PM or email your email addy so we can invoice you.  For questions, please contact the “other Natalie” (aka Natalie Burger) who will be monitoring comments and invoicing purchasers.

NatalieFleece sale and De-stash; Maybe The Last!