De-Stash 2! Tuesday August 15, 2017


Destash 2

Namaste Farms is having another de-stash sale because we didn’t even make a dent with the 160 lbs we sold in the July de-stash. This sale will have a lot of premium fibers AND there will be deals to be had!  I’ll be putting my premium Teeswater and Wensleydale lamb fleeces in the sale as well as a lot of Leicester coated fleeces.  Our plan is to put at least 200 plus lbs of raw wool, undyed silk and more up for sale.  To purchase on the day of the sale, go to Facebook at Namaste Farms public Facebook page on Tuesday, August 15th at 5:30 pm PDT.  Questions?  Please contact Natalie Burger.
1. If you’re even close to high maintenance PLEASE don’t buy from us.  While I have many faults, the most prominent one is: Lack of patience.
2. If the fleece lot is from the UK, they probably have treasures hidden in the fleece. This may include: dirt, bramble, tags or the occasional bug. (YES, sheep live outside and bugs do get entangled in the wool; it’s NORMAL)
3. Please don’t send money via PayPal until you’re invoiced from Natalie Burger. If you do, we’ll probably miss your payment and it won’t be shipped.
1. Put your name in the comments with the poundage you want. Your post would look like this, “Sold, 2 lbs” or whatever poundage you want from that lot. In other words, please don’t just put, SOLD without the poundage because not putting the amount implies you want the entire lot.
2. Make sure you PM to the Facebook Teeswatersheep (private messaging) your email address so we can PayPal invoice you.
3.  Invoices must be paid within 24 hours.

NatalieDe-Stash 2! Tuesday August 15, 2017