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De stashing 2nd and 3rd quality fiber. You may get some amazing stuff, but these are leftovers. First, there is an assortment of dyed fiber. Most are scrapbox rejects but all is useable with some time (Most need to be rewashed… but some are great as is). The second offering is for all of the leftover fiber from around the globe. If you choose from “A” there will be coated fiber and fiber that is pretty good but is not first quality. If you choose “B” this is fiber that is from around the globe including (if you’re lucky) bottom of the bag long locks and uncoated fibers. A lot of this fiber will NOT be label. Probably most of it… it will be haphazardly shoved in boxes and expedited to it’s new home. There will be a lot of “bottom” of the bag fiber which is left over from the premium stuff… i will always try to include something I think is really good. Remember, this is a de-stash of stuff I do not want and, for some reason, is not up to my standards but it is all useable and a heck of a deal.
Most of the time, about 2-3 lbs fits in a medium flat rate but it can vary…

RULES: You are not allowed to post pictures saying things like, “Look at how ugly this was and how amazing I made it” or “Can you believe Natalie sold this, it has felted bits or _____________ (pick from beer cap to beetle)”

Shipping will be added to the box at checkout… 11.25

Raw A (coated) 55.00 for a full Med. Flat Rate
Raw B (uncoated odds and ends with felted/dirty long locks) 45.00
Dyed C Assorted fibers… second, third quality…


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