Gorgeous Cotswold, Wensleydale, Gotland…English Leicester Too!


Grey Fleeces

Here is some wool that is really nice. The Cotswold is longer stapled, the Wensleydale is lamb fleece and shorter. These are all breed typical and grey which is perfect for Class #7. The tips of the non-lamb fleeces have the reddish tips which is something I always look for to get special overdyeing effects. As I always tell people, while I coat most all my fleeces, for dyeing, “…having uncoated fleeces with sun exposed tips makes the most amazing effects.” Because of this I try to purchase uncoated fleeces with sunbleached tips and I also leave some of my sheep without jackets.  The package of this mixture will have slightly over 1.5 lbs with all three fleeces represented (i.e not sold by the lb instead, it’s a mixture.)
The white English Leicester cross is white and sells by the lb.  It’s really lovely with a longer staple which makes it so easy to handle and spin. I also added a button for some amazing pure English Leicester which picks up dye INCREDIBLY. It has such a fantastic luster and the tips will expand your dyeing and allow you to push the colors you want from the bonus class on Irridescence. If you’re in Dye Secrets any of this fiber is perfect for Classes #5 and Class #7 and buying them together saves shipping. Dye Secrets, please make sure you have grey fleece and if you don’t please purchase the grey at least. Students will receive a discount which is reflected in the menu items…if you aren’t a past or current student, please use appropriate pulldown menu!  Thank you so much for all of your support. If Paypal doesn’t charge you shipping, I will send an invoice.

Wool Fiber

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NatalieGorgeous Cotswold, Wensleydale, Gotland…English Leicester Too!